The British Silat Association



British Silat Association (BSA)

The BSA was founded around 1985/6 by Kru Abdul Razak (Jak) Othman. He was then teaching Pancasila Gayong Harimau. When he was deported, he left control of the BSA with Guru Glenn Lobo, who remains in charge from 1987 till today!

The British Silat Association was the FIRST Silat Association in Britain. You can be assured that the instructors have received proper instruction in a recognised style of silat from a recognised teacher/ Guru/ Master. There are many styles of silat in the UK, and many associations. We cannot attest to the validity of anyone else’s credentials. There are many people who receive a certificate from someone after little training, or from someone not qualified to teach, or some just buy their certificates, or get given titles because they come from rich or important families. You can be assured that isn’t the case with the BSA. All our instructors have earned their grades through hard work and discipline. There are several groups where the instructor has created a system himself, without even necessarily training much silat. Sometimes, just by virtue of being Mlay, people want to believe a person knows silat, so an aspiring student needs to be assured of the validity, credentials, authorisation, as well as the ability of a teacher or Guru. In the BSA, that is assured. A silat guru once described Paduka Glenn as having the most documented, and traceable history in silat of anoying in the world, from magazine articles, to news articles, and newspaper interviews over the decades. Paduka Glenn Lobo has the HIGHEST credentials.

The styles we cover are:
Silat Lincah (Malaysia)

Pancasila Gayong Harimau (Malaysia)

Pukulan (Dutch/ Indonesian)

Pusaka Sapu Jagat (Indonesia)