Silat Lincah


Silat Lincah is one of tlincaahhe main martial arts schools in Malaysia under the name PERTUBUHAN SENI SILAT MALAYSIA.(PSSLM). In 1992/3 The name was changed to include the international representation of the art.. Lincah aims to follow the steps and fighting spirit of ‘Hang Jebat’, a famous and legendary Malay Warrior. The Pertubuhan was led by Tan Sri Haji Omar Din Bin Mauju, till his passing in 2015. Lincah has been actively engaged in teaching and promoting Silat since 1963 starting with 5 students (registered in 1969). Lincah is a Malaysian system, but Maha Guru promised his teacher that he would help spread the art around the world. He passed that responsibility to me when he appointed me his Wakil- his representative, and in the following years I taught Lincah in many countries including England, Belgium, Holland, France, Romania, Greece, Germany, Ireland and Scotland.

PSSLM had been recorded in the Malaysia Book Of Records for having over 1 million members. Silat Lincah continues to create history. Since 1963, with his five students, Omardin open multiple arenas around Kampung Puah, Selangor and around Kuala Lumpur. Silat Lincah continues to grow throughout Malaysia. Silat Lincah derived from an older art- Silat Tarah, the name being changed to be less aggressive.

Maha Guru Haji Omar Din also held a series of performances overseas, including Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, Brunei, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Pakistan, India and Mecca.

Silat Lincah was one of the main driving forces for the creation of the Malaysian Silat Federation, (PESAKA), and then to create the International Silat Federation, (PERSILAT), responsible for uniting not only silat organizations in ASEAN countries but silat bodies all around the world.

Now Silat Lincah has been adapted for the Western audience and training environment to allow all people to train in it. Holding true to the traditional values of humility, honour, respect, dignity, loyalty and brotherhood, we continue to teach and promote this devastatingly effective and beautiful aspect of Malay culture and history.