The beginner and intermediate class runs from 7-8.30. In that the class is divided into sections covering an athletic warm-up, followed by training in basic punching and kicking, and leg conditioning drills. I aim to do this with a cardiovascular emphasis, so you can get fitter and help to lose weight. we then move on to the silat and kickboxing techniques. This is where the full body combat is used. You do not have to be a hardened cage fighter to take part in this as all students will be able to learn at their own pace. You will be taught a combination of attacking and defensive moves and also take part in hand and foot drills, and boxing and kickboxing combinations. Once you have learned the basic moves you will be eligible to progress to the advanced level.

Advanced classes finish at 9.30pm. In the advanced class you will be covering weapon training using Lightning Scientific Arnis- a Filipino art also known as escrima or kali. In this class we focus on stick work with the standard escrima sticks. We use a numbered system from 1 to 13 learning defence and attack moves alone and with a sparring partner. The class runs for approximately 45 mins. I will allow people to do this if they have shown the correct control and discipline in the beginner class, and if they want to learn something new. We will then also be applying the techniques in a more combat manner, and with greater contact. That is why it is the advanced class, and people are moved into this class if they show an aptitude, or have achieved a certain level, and is at the instructors discretion.

Classes take place at Ramridge Primary School, Turner’s Road North, Luton, LU2 9AH