Accelerated Training

The first Accelerated Training program in Britain was taught by Jak Othman for the British Silat Association. Continuing the tradition of the best Silat training in Britain we are looking to create representatives of the most dynamic and effective Malaysian Silat styles. Blended in to Glenn’s personal style of Pukulan Langkah Mati, Silat Lincah, Gayong Harimau, Pukulan Madura and boxing patterns combine to give you a combat effective traditionally based art drawing on the very best sporting and martial practices.
I am now looking to expand our network, and am looking for experienced martial artists, to train in our progressive style of Silat, and become Assistant Instructors- Jurulatih Muda.

This is an opportunity for a teacher to add Silat into their school or curriculum alongside their current training.

Training is conducted monthly with a day’s training aimed at learning and working techniques and drills to a level where they can then be refined over the coming month in your own personal training.

To that end we have reorganised the syllabus to make it more modular and easy for you to learn and build on, one month to the next.

The Accelerated Training is such that you will be taught at an faster rate than in a normal class simply because there is less time needed for warm up and cool down periods in 1 day than 8 sessions, so we can focus more on the actual training and techniques.

We are looking for brown belt or above level of martial artists, school owners or club instructors who want to develop into another area, and who want to open a school.

In Silat, Paduka Guru Glenn has a spectacular and impressive lineage having trained in Silat at source with some of the best in the world.

You will learn a combat effective tested art, with a recognised lineage and pedigree. We consider Silat to be a family art, so we consider students and teachers to be part of our family. In that sense you will receive our full support both in and out of the school, and will receive help and direction with advertising and marketing. There is a list of other benefits to joining us as a group as well as learning one of the most renowned effective traditional arts around.

Please no time wasters…these arts are sought after and time is precious….if you commit to turning up…turn up….
Action doesn’t bring results- CONSISTENT action DOES!!
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